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Remodeling Services



For over thirty years, DCS Design Group has adorned hundreds of homes with additional space in many shapes and sizes throughout the Philadelphia suburban area. Understanding our clients, their need for additional space, architectural style, their budget, and project expectations are essential in the initial plan development.Custom Remodeling/Additions

New space should first be defined by its potential and functional use, then appropriately designed for architectural appeal. We have learned through the years that understanding the functionality and complexity of one’s lifestyle can help in designing a space that fits perfectly around one’s needs, and works within a specified budget.

Once the exterior facade is designed the interior space begins to take on its own personality, driven by the clients’ personal taste- creating the perfect marriage between space, product and design. This process eliminates wasted time and money spent on space that isn't necessarily needed. In today's ever changing environment, "Energy Conservation" and "Green" are conditions we respectfully consider in each and every one of our additions.

DCS Design Group can help you identify and design the additional space you may desire by understanding your needs, life-style, and your financial concerns. Building the addition is the easy part.

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Remodeling Services