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Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

In every home, the master bathroom, the kids’ bathroom, the downstairs powder room, or just a place for your guests to freshen up, all have amazing potential. From a simple vanity to a full bathroom remodel we can help you design, install, and deliver a bathroom that fits your personal style and budget.

DCS Design Group is committed to making the transformation of your old bathroom or the addition of a new one as stress-free as possible, by providing everything needed to complete your project from start to finish.  We have developed an art of balancing our clients’ unique style, vision, and Bathroom Remodelingindividual budgets, with an eye for beauty and functional design.

Over the past 30 plus years we have designed, built, and renovated hundreds of bathrooms in homes of every shape and style. Each and every one has been brought to us by word of mouth. In such a competitive business, this is indicative of our customer satisfaction. Our strength is our perpetual professional commitment, highly skilled personnel, product knowledge, and ability to listen to our clients.

We pay the utmost respect to our clients and their homes. We strive to keep the level of dust at a minimum by installing temporary and non-evasive plastic wall enclosures; use protective drop cloths, and vacuum behind us. We have gone as far as building a temporary set of stairs on the outside of a home to enter through a window. The choices are yours to make, the possibilities are endless!

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Remodeling Services