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About Us

Fine Craftsmanship


Working with an established company is always a wise choice but not the end-all solution to a successful project. Understanding the character and culture of the company is key. We stand behind everything we deliver, not only for one year, but for years to come. Call us and we’re there.

As one of our clients mentioned to us many years ago, “It's what you do when we're not looking that matters the most.” That same client lived out of town while we completely renovated their entire residence; that particular project was solidified on a handshake. Trust and goodwill are the keys to any relationship, and we believe they are our biggest assets.Bathroom Remodeling

Much of our success has been attributed to our professionalism, the quality of our work, and our work ethics. Having performed hundreds of renovations, we understand the strain a renovation project can add to one’s daily life. We have developed ways of eliminating many of the inconveniences a renovation project might typically deliver.

DCS Design Group has been privileged with working on some of the finest homes in the area, along with some of the finest people. Earning the trust and confidence of our clients is an attribute we take seriously, and one we are most proud of.

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